Parent Connection Programs

Gaga Ball Pit Sponsored by ISM Parent Connection - 2016-17

Gaga Ball Pit Sponsored by ISM Parent Connection – 2016-17

The Parent Connection raises funds to support programs that benefit and enrich the ISM community throughout the year. Programs funded wholly or in part by the Parent Connection include:

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Last school year 2016-2017 Parent Connection had the pleasure to help support ISM, its teachers and its staff in many ways.  We have also helped coordinate and recruit volunteers to help at many various events.  Thanks to all of you who have contributed time, money, and support!  We could not do any of this without the support of our parent and guardian community.These items were in addition to all of the activities we support financially and with time and energy on a regular basis including:
  • Provide the materials for Mr. Nielsen to build the Gaga Ball Pit.
  • Supply the helium for the successful weather balloon launch.
  • Purchase two little libraries – one for in school and one for the outside at the entrance to the ISM campus.
  • Coordinate volunteers for the lunch room to help speed up the transition to a new system.
  • Purchase an upgraded telescope so Dr. Fisher can bring the stars to more students.
  • Fund the creation of Bionic Eagle, which allowed students to refurnish an old video game arcade and build the computer system from components.
  • Throw a rockin’ Halloween party for the lower school.