The Connection Newsletter 2012

The Connection Newsletter

The Connection is the newsletter of the ISM Parent Connection. Published two times during the school year, The Connection is dedicated to enhancing communication among all parents of ISM students. Typical features include:

Cultural Corner

Writers share experiences with national or regional holidays; lifestyles; or religious holidays, beliefs, or practices.

Student Achievements

The newsletter publicizes interests and accomplishments of students on School teams, in competitions, or in outside activities. We also acknowledge parents, teachers, and staff members who receive regional or national recognition.

Teacher Feature

Articles by parents and students highlight the professional accomplishments and personal interests of ISM’s teachers.

Health and Safety

Health professionals and interested parents are invited to contribute their insights to help ensure the well being of students and families.

Submissions for the 20010–2011 school year can be e-mailed to Peter Welle. Submissions may also be placed in the Newsletter box on the Parent Connection table in the Lower School reception area.

Copies of The Connection are sent home in Lower School students’ Friday folders, mailed to Upper School parents, and placed on the Parent Connection table in the reception area.