The Parent Connection Board

The Parent Connection Board is comprised of parents and guardians of ISM students. The Board meets monthly during the school year on the last Wednesday of the month. Meetings are held in the ISM Library. You can view the schedule on the events page.The PC encourages involvement and is always looking for new Board members. All parents/guardians are welcome to attend the meetings. Advance notice is not required to attend meetings.


  • Chair Open
  • Vice-Chair Open
  • Treasurer Craig Blake
  • Secretary Stephanie Lee                          (Staff Appreciation Lunch Coordinator)
  • School Liaisons Judie Hoiriis                            (Holiday Tea Party Coordinator)

Members (Role/Projects)

  • Reema Anwar                           (International Day – International Food Court Coordinator)
  • Arun Batchu  
  • Isabella Constantin
  • Stephanie Gibson                    (Halloween Party, Ice Cream Truck, Bulletin Board, Facebook ISM PC group admin)
  • Daron Dolynchuk                    (Halloween Party)
  • Angela Golinvaux
  • Michaela Graser                       (Used Uniforms with Barbara Bertomeu, Staff Appreciation Lunch, Box Tops)
  • Krista Groff                               (Fall Family BBQ, Facebook ISM Parent Connection group admin)
  • Eric Hawkinson
  • Kimmie Kemberling                (New Family Greeter)
  • Tara Klammer                           (Art Adventure – Bingo Night)
  • Sherrie Lizardo                         (International Day – International Food Court)
  • Nick Mark
  • Wendy Miller
  • Alya Pender                                (PC Website)
  • Kristin Wilkowske                     (Holiday Tea Party)